Welcome to Gentrox

Gentrox is a global company focusing on wide range of scientific products that includes pre-poured agar plates, ultra grade biological buffers and custom products to fulfill the needs of research scientists worldwide. We offer products used in genomics, proteomics and cellular research with quick turnaround based upon needs of research scientists. Gentrox has a partnership with large and medium size pharmaceutical and academic institutions in providing high quality research and development products used in genomics, proteomics, and cellular analysis.

Gentrox Products

• Competent Cells
High Efficiency, rapid transformation, quick and standard protocol

• Pre-poured Media Plates
Ready to use, different antibiotics, supplied in leak proof PVC container

• Powdered Buffers
Pre weighed, Ultra pure or cGMP grade chemicals, leak proof pouches, also available in 250g and 500g bottles

• Liquid Buffers
Ultra pure or cGMP grade chemicals, trace element analysis and 4 fold purified water

• Growth Media
Available in easy to use one time vials and large buckets.

• Reagents for Biosciences
Commonly used bioreagents for proteomics and genomics.

Why choose Gentrox?

Gentrox is a dynamic new organization founded by scientific and industrial leaders with decades of experience in Life Science Research and diagnostics.

The company was conceived from the need to provide researchers with access to simple yet powerful product innovations that reduce time and cost and improve overall efficiency.

Gentrox products are differentiated from most other brands of reagents at the level of production, specifications and user-friendly packaging. We have combined our experience with the voice of customers requests for such improvements to present an extensive range of products, all with the quality and support you need.

Products are made in manufacturing facilities that have the regulatory approvals and production standards to ensure quality and consistency.